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Sign up for TELUS Optik TV and Internet on a 2yr term and get a free 4K TV

Widest channel selection and the most 4K and HD content

Restart Live TV from the past 30 hours

Only TELUS lets you include Netflix or Crave + Movies + HBO or others in your new package at no extra cost

Add Premium Sports channels, like NHL® Centre Ice, NFL® Sunday Ticketor MLB® Extra Innings online or through your Optik TV

Immerse yourself in a billion colours with On Demand titles in 4K HDR

Save more shows and movies for later viewing. Up to 400 hours in HD or 100 hours in 4K

Widest channel selection and the most 4K and HD content

Record your shows even when you're out of the house through the OPTIK TV App


 Pik TV Watch on the Go

Watch your favourite shows – live or on demand – on just about any screen

Only Pik TV lets you choose the channels you really want – including Discovery, HGTV, Food Network and more

You don’t need a TV to watch Pik TV. Watch TV online with your laptop’s browser, or on the go using your tablet or smartphone and the Pik TV app

Watch two different shows on two different devices at the same time

only $10 per month with any TELUS Internet 2-year plan


                                                                   fibre-add connected

Enjoy consistent streaming without interuptions

Equally fast download and upload speeds

Stop sharing your connection with your neigbours

TELUS delivers 100% fibre to your home on a connection that will never slow down, even during peak hours

Manage your wifi network with the TELUS My Wi-Fi app

Fast internet in every corner of the home with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi

By the end 2020, most of St. Albert's TELUS PureFibre™ Network will be installed. St Albert residents will then be able to connect to the Fibre Optik network for faster and more consistent connections. stop by today to see if your area quailifies for TELUS PureFibre™.

      Use popular Streaming sites like NETFLIX in rural areas with the Telus Smart Hub

                                                                                             Smart Hub Device Huawei

If you live in a rural area without Telus High Speed internet coverage, you may qualify for Telus High Speed Internet with a Smart Hub. Smart Hub utilizes the TELUS LTE Network to provide fixed high speed internet access to rural households up to 25 Mbps. Call us today to see if your area quailifies.

                                                                                                              Rural Smart Hub Plans:

                                                                                                                     $60/mo 100GB

                                                                                                                     $75/mo 500GB

                                                                                                                     $110/mo 1TB

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