TELUS PureFibre

A TELUS cheetah can’t believe how fast the internet is with PureFibre X.

Get on Canada’s most reliable network.

TELUS PureFibre®  X 2.5 Gigabit Internet delivers the fastest uploads, downloads, and Wi-Fi across all major Canadian providers.

Stop sharing your connection with your neighbors.

TELUS direct Fibre optic connection compared to other providers shared Fibre optic connection

Only TELUS delivers Fibre directly to your home.

Eligible homes can receive 2,500 Mbps download and upload with PureFibre.

Speed won’t  slow down during peak hours

High-speed Internet on Smart Hub

ZTE Rocket Hub

Works outside of the city

High-speed Wifi to connect all your devices

Large Data allowance

Great for streaming and video calls