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Mobile Phone and Tablet Plans

 iPhone 11 Pro Max - Space Grey           Apple iPad 7th Generation

TELUS Peace of Mind for Business

Keep your small business running with endless data coverage. The TELUS Peace of Mind plans offer no overage data with unlimited talk and text.

Empower your business and stay connected with your team. Select from our variety of phone and tablet bundles to keep your business running smoothly from as low as $55/per line for 4 phones or more.

Stay Connected when you Travel out of Canada

Easy Roam gives you access to your monthly rate plan for $8 per day in the US and $12 per day in over 190 international destinations. When you travel, use your minutes, data and texts just like you would at home. Plus, you only pay for the days you choose to use your phone.

Business Data Plans for Mobile Internet 

 ZTE MF288 Smart Hub

Smart Hubs and Wi-Fi Keys for your Business

Keep your business connected from anywhere with high speed Mobile Internet service on the TELUS 4G network

Starting from $35/mo

GPS Solutions

TELUS Drive +

Plug-in the OBDII accessory and download the app to get real-time information such as vehicle location, driving behaviour and speed alerts.

Car Care - Get diagnostics and insights about your car's health

Car Tracker - Track your car's location, monitor driving behaviour and set speed alerts

Stay Connected - Turn you car into a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 devices

Plans starting at $10/mo


Fleet Complete

TELUS Fleet Complete is a unique fleet, asset, and mobile workforce solution which provides you with the ability to track and manage your vehicles and mobile workers, and optimize your operations in a single cloud-based platform.

Manage Assets - Know where your most important assets are. You can get more visibility on your staff, vehicles, containers, equipment and more

Safety - Reduce theft, liabilities, and potential losses. Find out if a vehicle or asset is missing or stolen. Discern the location, time, of any unauthorized usage of your assets

Security - Get 24 hour data on your assets. Easily provide your staff or your customers important information about the whereabouts of your assets

Improved Field Operations - Reduce fuel costs by helping to control speeding, driver behaviour, idling time, and inefficient routing

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